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R&D Product Development 

Elite Engineering Corp is your trustworthy R&D ally to join your team. This type of development goes beyond normal. It’s the thing that takes your business to the next level. For this, you need a company that is knowledgeable, innovative and resourceful like Elite Engineering.
Elite Engineering’s research and product development is an ongoing constantly improving process. We are committed to using our expansive knowledge of capabilities to bring your products to market. We also specializes in designing custom equipment to address your technical challenges.
Our custom test equipment design engineers and fabrication staff, including electronics, software, firmware, mechanical design, machinists and assemblers are experts at creating custom solutions that precisely meet your specifications and tolerances. The combination of application expertise and in-house equipment customization sets Elite Engineering apart from other test equipment manufacturers.
When designing your specialized equipment, we take into consideration your operational requirements, interfaces, test data requirements, ergonomics as well as serviceability for each custom design. Elite Engineering’s custom test equipment takes into consideration the balance between ease of use, maintenance and repair. Our capabilities include supporting our Client’s worldwide by providing Depot Repair Services and spare parts inventory.

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