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Elite Engineering Corp. freely contributes to our community in a number of ways. We support our educational systems, kindergarten through 12th grade and college level, by providing in-class or seminar-based inspirational presentations about business, becoming an entrepreneur, science, and engineering. As part of this commitment, we also provide copies of various technical papers and useful resources to assist the engineering community and its students.
These papers and resources are provided free of charge. However, they are copyrighted, and we ask in return that credit be given to the author and to Elite Engineering Corp. If used.

Stack of Notebooks

A basic primer


Digital Filters

This paper was written in 1996, and first appeared in the Medical Electronic Magazine. The intent of the paper is to show how to design simple digital filters, and to show how easy it is to implement FIR filters to solve SNR challenges for instrumentation. If you can recall anything you learned about Fourier Transforms, then you can implement an FIR filter. The paper has been the most downloaded item from our web page since that time. Hence, it has earned its place as the first paper to be posted on our technical library.

Compensation Limits

for PID Loops

Feedback systems, often called servo control loops, are powerful engineering design tools. PID loops are simply "standardized" forms of servo control loops. While widely used, they do have limitations in achieving the best performance and highest possible bandwidth. This paper explores those limits, and determines the effect of extraneous poles, loop delays, and such.


Using PSD's for Auto Focus Systems

Optical PSD's (Position Sensitive Detectors) as applied to autofocus systems are considered in this paper. Both conceptual and analytical backgrounds are presented. The effects of PSD processing on the performance of a PID servo loop (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) are also discussed. Presented are a series of formulae and guidelines for implementing a PID control loop using a PSD module.

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