Detailed Product Specifications

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5 Position


  • 35 mS adjacent filter to filter move time
  • RS232 or RS485
  • 15Vdc-28Vdc
  • Power Supply Protection
  • Rugged Design
  • OEM Applications
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The PFWM-25-C-5 is a motorized filter wheel that can hold up to five 25mm diameter filters in a light tight enclosed housing. This optical filter wheel provides high speed wavelength switching for fluorescence microscopy applications. Small footprint, rugged design with enhanced power supply protection and filtering. Utilizing a simple RS232 or RS485 interface. Capable of a wide range of power supply voltages.

Position Detection Sensor/Controller Series (PSD)

Product Matrix

Position Detection Sensor Position Detection Controller

Common Features across all series

•    Power supply input allows for 12.0V to 28.0V range - simplifies User system power supplies
•    Easy to use RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface
•    Software is provided with each version that allows quick "up and running" position sense and recording.

•    Provides simple dialog box with visual indication of spot position
•    Provides ability to record spot position changes into Excel® compatible files
•    Check box options for data filtering options
•    No special drivers required

Features that change based on series/options

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Feature/Parameter 1D12A 1D12B 1D12C 2D9A 2D9B 2D9C
Detector Size 1 x 12mm 1 x 12mm 1 x 12mm 9 x 9mm 9 x 9mm 9 x 9mm
Working power range 10-200uW 10-200uW 10-200uW 10-200uW 10-1000uW 10-1000uW
Position Resolution 3um 0.4um 0.4um 4um 1.5um 1.5um
Position Accuracy 250um 240um 60um 260um 250um 62um
Internal update Rate 100 Hz 100Hz - 2KHz 100Hz - 2KHz 100 Hz 100Hz - 2KHz 100Hz - 2KHz
Mounting ¼-20 post ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts ¼-20 post ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts
Opto-Mechanical Interface C-Mount female thread C-Mount female thread C-Mount female thread C-Mount female thread
Price $899 $950 $1,199 $1,099 $1,150 $1,599

Elite Engineering provides state-of-the art products that reduce development time. Our store offers everything from 3D camera for robotics to focus motor subassemblies to filter wheel modules to highly versitable computer controllers. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise in diverse fields, we have designed, prototyped and manufactured the items listed here to the highest standards: our own.

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