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Elite Engineering Corporation
3201 Corte Malpaso, Ste 307
Camarillo, CA 93012
Ph: 805.987.6217
Last Update: Oct 2013
Contract product development, quick turn prototyping, low volume production.
Designing instrumentation, automation and diagnostic devices for biotech, medical and industrial markets.
It's what we do. And have done since 1988.
But our real value is our ability to solve problems and "take the hill". It is all about an attitude towards getting things done. Whether it's helping to establish management and technical strategies, proving technology feasibility, solving difficult technical problems or easing the transition to manufacturing, our goal is to be part of the Team and always be a key resource to the project.
Elite specializes in multi-disciplined product design and development for instrumentation, robotics and diagnostic devices. Our product experience includes IVD devices, industrial applications, biotech instruments and aerospace applications. Our skills and capabilities match this wide range to provide full turnkey services for design and manufacturing.
But we bring more than technical skill to the table. We bring a work ethic with us on every project that matters to our Clients:
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If it doesn't violate the laws of physics, the answer is "Can Do".